We have great news ladies and gents! If you haven’t already seen a few of my discussions and tweets on Twitter, we recently had an offer accepted on a house we want.

Last week this happened. It took a few backwards and forwards offers, but at the fourth offer, they finally accepted and we are now very excited to be getting on with everything else we need to do.

So what are we doing now? Well, conveyancing is being organised with one of my girlfriend’s relatives, which has saved us quite a bit compared to other prices we have had. We are organising the various insurances we need to have. We’re starting the full mortgage application process after we had an agreement in principle passed without a problem.

All the boring paperwork stuff is about to start big time this week. The process where the checks start is also on it’s way. So in the meantime, we have been out and about looking at what types of furniture we need to buy, as well as buying the smaller items for things like the kitchen and the bathroom. In fact we have almost everything we need for our kitchen already, just a kettle, toaster, crockery and microwave is what is left to buy. The list of things to buy for the bathroom is also getting a little shorter.

I consider myself really lucky to have found the house we have. For a start, we found it the very same day it was uploaded online. No one had viewed it online and we were the first and only people to have viewed the house properly. It was a hell of a find. There is very little for us to do internally. The decor is pretty much how we would have done it. It has an almost new kitchen and bathroom. A conservatory with a newly paved and decked back garden, and a block paved front for the cars, so no grass to take care of! The house has been generally well kept. There are a few small bits to do, but other than that, it’s ready for us to be our home.

I am fully aware that until contracts are signed and we have the keys, the house isn’t actually ours. But the estate agents have agreed to take the property off of the market, the agreement in principle was easily passed according to our mortgage advisor, who also says that because we passed that straight away, the mortgage should be straight forward. So far, everything has gone pretty smooth, and after what has been a difficult year for my girlfriend and ourselves, we are both hoping that this will continue to go smooth up until we move in. We love the house. It’s exactly what we wanted out of our first home, in a nice area and has great potential for the future. And for the relatively low price we are paying for it, we know we have been given a very large slice of luck.

As you will have noticed, this has been my first blog post for a couple of days. It was the Bank Holiday and pretty much like the rest of the country, I found that there was very little to write about. So, rather than pump out a couple of crap ones, I decided to have a break.

As always, I’ll keep the house moving process updated on here. Also, all tips and advice are very much welcome!