I was contacted earlier on in the week by a PR company asking if I put guest posts on my site. Now unless I know them, or they are a paying sponsor, I usually say no. However, I was intrigued by this and wondered what the rest of you thought. Have any of you used this yet?

NEVER phones in sick, never takes a holiday, works 24 hours a day and 365 days a week for around one pound a day.

Digital specialist, The Consultancy, has developed what it believes will be a tool akin to having an additional member of the sales force.

The company launched its latest website, www.theglazingvault.com, last month and it is already proving a big hit with window and door firms allowing them to choose their own low-cost website, built specifically for the industry, but individualised by each firm.

Now The Glazing Vault has launched a window designer that allows people to choose the exact specifications of their windows online and place an order at any time.

The Consultancy Director Richie Thornton, explained: “They say the best businesses are the ones that make you money while you sleep. The casement windows designer we have developed means that you can be selling windows 24 hours a day.

The idea behind The Glazing Vault is to give those companies who know they need a website but don’t have big budgets, a professional low-cost solution.

The Glazing Vault websites are built specifically for the industry and are customised to each individual firm. Now we have options such as the casement windows designer, which allows your customers to order their own windows after you clock off for the day.”

The casement window designer can also be added to any existing websites and The Glazing Vault will be rolling out a number of other designers including sliding sash windows, bi-folds and garage doors.

Richie added: “There are different settings too, so you can choose whether or not to display a live price through the configuration process or make it so the customer has to request a price at the end of the process.”

The website is also proving popular with sales forces as instead of taking out bulky samples, which are inevitably always in white, they can take along an ipad or laptop and show the customer the entire range, including frame colour and glass style.

Richie added: “With this new tool, visitors can try out various options to see what works best for them.”

For more information about The Glazing Vault go to www.theglazingvault.com, or contact The Consultancy on (01429) 239689.