As if you haven’t seen the stream of tweets coming out of the @NatFenAwards Twitter time line, there remains just a few days left to get your nominations in for the inaugural National Fenestration Awards.

Taking part is simple:

  1. Quickly register on the website to take part:
  2. Remember to confirm your registration in the email we send you!
  3. Once confirmed, you can nominate once in each category.

That is it! Not too difficult and should be fairly fun! You can nominate yourself as well, but again, you can only do this once per category.

Your time to submit nominations for the shortlists will close at midnight on Monday 3oth September. At this this we will accept no more nominations. From that point, we will then calculate the amount of nominations received so we can build our shortlists. We will make sure we get a fair representation for each one, with some being bigger than others depending on the type of award.

We will be aiming to publish the shortlists as soon as possible in early October. We know how the final voting system is going to look, which is exciting.

We’re also going to be making the voting as simple as possible. Just like with the nominations, anyone can take part, from whatever tier of the industry you work in. All that is needed is a speedy registration and confirmation. From then on each registered voter will be allowed to vote once per category. As we have stated in the past, we have implemented anti-abuse mechanisms to make sure that the system cannot be swayed by abuse.

On a slightly different note, October will be the last monthly Cool Wall. The next month will be the last opportunity for companies from all parts of the industry, whether in the residential or commercial market, to upload the work they are most proud of. What will happen at the end of October is we shall be announcing a “Wall Of Winners”. This will be an extra award where you will all be able to vote on what you think deserves to win the award for the coolest installation of 2013.

As time rolls on, more information on these inaugural awards both on here and the National Fenestration Awards website. What I can report on right now is that we have had a fantastic number of nominations for something that was started fairly quickly, without a bumper budget and with some fantastic support from our initial sponsors and those who have chosen to promote them – and for that we thank you!

You can find all the fun at the fair right here:

Next time: silly season on it’s way!