Can you believe it we’re almost in October already! This year really has flown by and many of us will probably be starting to panic about what to get the kids for Christmas. Well, I won’t be, I don’t have any…well, non that I know of ;-)

But as the year brings round October, it also brings with it a plethora of customers who have left it until the tenth month in the calendar to make sure that their new windows and doors are fitted before the end of the year. Problem is, and most installers will be acutely aware of this, fitting will have been booked in quite a bit in advance, and fitting new windows and doors before Christmas isn’t a promise that can be kept.

It has always been a relatively minor annoyance of mine that people decide to leave it until the back end of the year then get quite difficult to deal with when they demand that their purchase is installed well before Christmas so that “their Christmas isn’t disturbed.” Well, how about you come see us a bit earlier then eh?

On a serious note, the holiday season and it’s varying shut down dates from various suppliers and manufacturers brings it’s own unique stresses when it comes to logistics for installers. They have to balance when final deliveries are coming in, with which windows can be fit in what order for each customer according to client availability and deliveries.

Then there is the weather. The last four Winters have seen some pretty reliable and heavy snowfall. Which means it’s fairly conceivable that snow can always scupper the best laid fitting schedules.

Frankly, at a time where people should be winding down and starting to look forward to some well earned time off, it ain’t half stressful! I might sound like a bit of a scrooge here but I insist that I am not. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and this year will be a very special one as it will be mine and Soph’s first Christmas together in our first home!

I just don’t enjoy silly season!

Next time: Fredericks’ logical on Loggia.