It has been a pivotal week in the life of the National Fenestration Awards. This week saw the launching of the shortlists for each of the awards, as well as the voting. Despite a small technical problem with around 20 or so confirmation emails, things seem to have gone very well indeed.

The response has been immense. Far better than any of the team could have ever expected! The way so many people and companies have taken to the awards has been humbling to see. We have put in many long hours and spent a very large reserve of energy, but it seems that things are going pretty well at the minute.

Of course with this being the inaugural year there are still quite a few things we want to improve going forward, and we acknowledge that some things haven’t worked. For example, we had to drop the Steel Award due to a lack of nominations, something we were deeply disappointed about as we wanted to cover as much of the industry as possible. There will be tweaks and changes being made constantly to make sure the site, and the awards overall, serve the industry as best as possible.

The votes have been flowing in at a very brisk rate and it’s been fantastic to see so much engagement. It is at this point the team and myself would like to thank a lot of people. Firstly, to all those that took the time to register and nominate in the initial phase. Without that input we simply would not have had the shortlists we do today. We want to thank all those that have voted since it went live and all the newly registered people wanting to take part. A big thanks should also go to GQA Qualifications, Solidor, Ultraframe and Glass News. Their backing and support has help get this new and exciting project off the ground and has boosted the NFA’s chances of becoming a massive industry event everyone can be proud of.

So yeah, a great big thanks to all of you!

If you want to take part but haven’t registered yet, these are some of the links you should follow:

Register to take part:


Vote for your winners: