Another month and another set of stats has been released from the Government about Green Deal. Here are the underwhelming figures:

  • Green Deal assessments to end of September stand at 85,177, up from 71,210 in August
  • Just 57 live Green Deal plans up to end of September
  • 392 new Green Deal plans in September
  • 505 Green Deal plans pending in September

So, what do all these figures boil down to? Well, it basically means that despite tens of thousands of homes having assessments done, with all the facts and information put in front of them, they are almost collectively deciding that the scheme simply isn’t worth it.

Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary said the other day that he would be highly surprised and disappointed if by the end of the year there weren’t 10,000 homes fitted with Green Deal measures. Well, looks like Ed is going to need to start feeling disappointed rather quickly.

This scheme will be lucky to have had 150 live Green Deal plans before the end of the year, never mind 10,000!

TV has recently investigated Green Deal, most recently the One Show on the BBC. They concluded, along with using a homeowner as the guinea pig, that the scheme as it currently stands provides no positives anywhere near compelling enough to add another large debt to the property. Along with all the other disadvantages of course.

I must say though, the Government’s belligerence to stick to this cause has got to be commended a little. The mere fact that they haven’t u-turned on this just yet does demonstrate that they can actually stick to something, even though in this case they chose the wrong policy to stick to.