There are some companies that have always had a focus on quality and an aim to try and change the way our industry works. After the demise of the conservatory as we traditionally knew it, Ultraframe came out with a brand new product called Loggia. Since it’s launch it really has taken the interest of installers up and down the UK with many putting examples up at their show sites and sales starting to flow in.

Anyone who knows John Fredericks will know that they have spent their four decades in business making sure that their products push the boundaries of quality, as well as supplying the very latest in fenestration technology. Well John Fredericks has been selling the Ultraframe range of roofing products for quite a while now, so the move to start stocking Loggia was easy to decide on.

Not everyone buys direct from the main manufacturer, but often a supplier. There aren’t that many places where installers can buy Loggia from, other than Ultraframe itself or a few other suppliers. Luckily, because of their record of quality products and service, John Fredericks are one of those few supplier.s

John Fredericks has a huge customer base of happy installers up and down the UK. What this does is provide a network of new business to introduce a brilliant new product to. There will be some installers that don’t buy direct from Ultraframe, but could buy Loggia via John Fredericks, benefiting all parties involved.

The industry knows that the standard conservatory as we know it is dead. That is why John Fredericks, in partnership with Ultraframe, intend to give their customers the best chance possible to break new ground with a product that will change the way customers think about glazed extensions.

Whatever you need from your manufacturer, John Fredericks is there to help. If you’re in the market for a new fabricator or have been impressed with John Fredericks and their wider range of high quality products, call 01422 314100, email sales or catch them on Twitter:@jfplastics or @NewbuildsNo1