For those who aren’t busy enough to actually watch a bit of TV, some of you may have seen the latest BASF advert:

Did you all catch that? Yep, they mentioned solar powered windows. However I’m not an expert on this sort of new technology so I’ll leave it to BASF to explain how it works:

Organic solar cells can be colored, transparent, and applied to flexible, light films. They generate electricity even under cloudy skies. We will soon be able to generate solar energy anywhere: in cars and windows, or inside buildings. Working together with partners, BASF not only develops the dyes, but also provides for device setup and production processes. With long-lasting and efficient organic solar modules future photovoltaics will be open to everybody.

See original article:

So, it’s all about organic solar cells. According to what BASF say, it seems like they already know how to make the technology work as they say that they not only produce the cells, but also the equipment in which to implement it.

This seriously could have long term, positive ramifications to how the fenestration industry, even down to a residential level, works. Think about it, we’re of telling customers that our A rated windows generate energy and heat energy even though we know it’s doubtful in certain places. But given this sort of technology, we can be almost certain that all the glass in their windows works for them.

BASF say they will work with partners to help introduce the technology. That means the big glass players like Pilks will need to sit down at the BASF table and see how viable this sort of technology is. Personally, I would love to see this filter down into the residential sector. It could open up a whole new market in the residential glazing sector – and I urge the big boys to really start looking into it’s various options.

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