Some of you may have seen a couple of new pages on this site.

NFA Shortlists

Just in case you didn’t already know, the National Fenestration Awards finalists have been announced. This page lists each person and company in each category, and gives you links to the main pages on the NFA site you should be visiting.


I’m sort of playing around with this one. I have always wanted DGB to become a site which not only publishes my own views and opinions but to also be a place where people can find general news about the double glazing industry. I thought of various ways to try and pull in general content, but thought that this was one of the simplest ways to show you what is going on in the industry. For those who want to know, it’s a simple plugin which pulls in RSS feeds. Only thing is, Fenestration News is the only one which seems to have one!

This is still a bit of an experiment so expect the look of it to change and the content modified as we go along.

NFA Finalists: