Take a look at this:

America looks like they’re now getting into the swing of things when it comes to remote locking and unlocking. You have to admit, as far as keyless locking goes, the Kevo does look pretty funky!

The device relies however on your smartphone coming with Bluetooth 4.0, so if you don’t have that then you’re jiggered. Another massive caveat to this particular product is that it seems it is only available in America. I have had a look online to see if there are any British outlets selling this product but have found nothing.

I wrote about something similar to this not so long ago. The trend is growing for keyless door security. However, there remain imperfections with all the models that are out there at the minute, including this Kevo product. But all the right ingredients are there I believe, they just need putting together in the right way.

When you think about how automated the world is in everything we do, it still seems kind of backward that we continue to to use relatively flimsy keys to lock and unlock our primary defence to our homes.

Looks are going to be imperative when keyless door security breaks through into the mainstream. You can’t argue that the Kevo device is a nifty looking thing. It’s minimal, modern looking and touch responsive, something that most of the UK models are not. We could learn a thing or two about this design.

You can see a full report on the product here: http://reviews.cnet.com/smart-home/kwikset-kevo-bluetooth-door/4505-9788_7-35768979.html

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