In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been warm, like properly warm for at least the past fortnight, if not longer. And it makes a bloody change! Last summer wasn’t too bad, but this one is shaping up to be a great one. Rumour has it the whole of August is supposed to be alright as well. People have been having endless BBQ’s, pubs and bars are attracting extra customers with outdoors areas having a nice buzz about them. The mood is matching the weather.

Ideal Weather To Do Home Improvements

During the hot summer weekends showrooms might be a bit quiet. Lets face facts, people are more likely to want to sit in a beer garden, or in their own gardens with beer, friends and probably a BBQ. The idea then of dragging yourself into the warm car, to then be stuck inside in a window and door showroom isn’t an appealing one. But whilst people are outside, this is also giving them a chance to look at their properties and observe their potentially shoddy looking windows and doors.

So whilst the heat might be better for having a day at the beach rather than a window and doors showroom, it is hinting homeowners that at some point, when this weather decides to turn very British once again, those windows and doors they have kept putting off will have to be done before Autumn and Winter show signs of their arrival.

Just Enjoy

But overall, lets just enjoy this weather while we have it. We always tend to complain about our summers being more of an extension of Autumn, usually being rather wet and chilly, with the odd couple of warm days. But we have been treated to temperatures warmer than most places in the Med, Hawaii and other hot holiday destinations. Get out in the garden, have a BBQ, invite some friends, have a drink and enjoy some well earned time off from the day job!