Most companies in the window industry will be familiar with Insight Data. The company provides data lists and market reports outlining trends and developments in the industry. But there’s a whole lot more going on at the company, and over the next few weeks Insight’s sales manager, Zach Ward will discuss some of the developments, and explain how the industry is changing its approach to sales and marketing.

Insight Data was launched in 2006 by Andrew Scott, a well-known window industry marketing man who had previously bought, built and sold several highly successful companies, including fabricators, glass companies, installers and trade-counters.

Insight set out to help companies identify and target new customers in a more efficient way, using in-depth market intelligence and technology. Other data companies existed, but they were old and stale (a long-established business is not necessarily a good business; just consider what happened to Nokia when Apple launched the iPhone).

This involved researching and collecting data on over 15,000 window and conservatory companies with information that would be really useful to potential suppliers, for example whether they fabricated or bought-in products, which suppliers they used and their volumes. We also recognised that many companies had several senior decision makers, so we collected this information along with their contact details.

But the problem we identified straight away was that information changed at a frightening rate.  Companies move or cease trading, new ones set up, people leave and contact details are constantly changing.


As a marketing man, Andrew knew that accurate data was the key to successful marketing, and took the decision to really invest in Insight Data. He built a dedicated market research call centre, recruited a software team and developed Salestracker, the world’s first sales and marketing (CRM) platform that had prospect data built-in and updated live in real-time.

Customers simply logged-in and accessed ‘live data’ to use in direct mail, email marketing, telesales, research or field sales. Now in its third incarnation, Salestracker has over 700 users across the window industry and is integral to the way many companies run their business, manage their marketing activity and coordinate their sales teams.

Insight has continued to develop the research call centre and technology, adding new databases (architects, general builders/white van man, house-builders and main contractors) and investing over £250,000 per year in research alone.

On a mission

Insight Data has now won several technology and innovation awards, including the Government ‘Enterprise Agency’ Business of the Year, and has been awarded membership of both the Direct Marketing Association and the Glass and Glazing Federation.

Andrew has instilled a philosophy that is really pioneering how companies manage their sales and marketing. We believe that every company should use ‘live data’ (fully updated) for their marketing and a CRM/database system to manage leads and build better customer relations. Those that do, generate more leads, convert more customers and grow more profitably.

Over the next few weeks, Zach will be explaining how using the right data and CRM system can improve results dramatically while reducing time and marketing costs.

If you would like to know more, contact Zach on 01934 808293 or visit