If you’ve been on social media since the FiT Show, I reckon you have probably seen this hashtag knocking about: #TNMP2 – this stands for Tweet N Meet Part 2 and is the second industry night out to be organised by a growing bunch of friendly industry people on social media.

The first one organised and held at the Holiday Inn hotel at the FiT Show was a success. From a small group of people organising to meet for a few drinks on the Tuesday evening, to a massive group of people who filled the bar late into the evening to meet people who they only ever speak to online. That night was a great success and everyone had fun.

Since that evening, there has been great appetite for there to be another. So, Tweet N Meet Part 2 has been created and these are the details you need to know:

Date: Saturday October 18th

Location: Jurys Inn hotel bar, Broad Street, Birmingham

Time: 7pm till you’re too drunk to speak coherently

It is an open invitation, everyone who wishes to come can come. No tickets required! We also encourage you to bring your partners too! A lot have already booked rooms at the Jurys Inn hotel. At the moment double rooms with breakfast are knocking about for around £90 which isn’t too bad. Most are also travelling to Birmingham via train, which is probably a good idea as it removes the risk of driving home hungover and tired! Three companies have also already pledged cash for the bar, so at the moment, the bar is FREE until the cash runs out. Any company who would like to put a few quid behind the bar and of course come along to meet a bunch of friendly industry people, get in touch either with myself, @PetitaWiles or @bigwindowfitter and they will sort you out.

The reason why this works is that the meet is simply a bunch of like minded, friendly growing group of people that wish to have a great night out with colleagues and comrades. There’s no agenda, it’s not a serious networking event cloaked by beer. We all work very hard throughout the year and I think we don’t enjoy the fruits of our labour enough. This is one way to do it.

So, if you want to come, let us all know by tweeting and using the #TNMP2 hashtag.

For more information, go to the official #TNMP2 website: http://industrynightsout.wordpress.com/