Time is money. A phrase that is often said in business. The more time it takes you to do something, the less time you have to focus on things that make you money. It’s a simple principle but one that applies to every business of every type in the world, including our own industry. So looking at ways to save time and cut down any unnecessary wasted time can only be a good thing for your business.

Pick Up And Drop Off

We all know that when it comes to sprayed and coloured windows and doors, those orders take a bit more time to order and plan. It sometimes means a member of staff has to deliver it to their sprayers, unless their manufacturers already do it on an extended lead time. It means that sometimes they then have to pick up the same windows and doors after spraying. All this takes valuable time. Time which could be spent on tasks which actually make the business money. This is where the pick up and drop off service from Kolorseal could make your life a bit easier.

As a business, Kolorseal pride themselves on their customer service and reputation. As you’ll all know, it takes a long time to build it up, but can be very quickly knocked down again. That is why they do all they can to ensure their customers are as well catered for as possible. Their pick up and drop off service is as straightforward as it sounds. Instead of you carting your windows and door around to be sprayed, Kolorseal will collect the windows and doors from your business premises, spray them to your requirements, then drop them back off once it’s all complete. Thus saving you time, money and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

If you’re close by or a regular customer, this service is free of charge. If you’re a little further away then there’s a small charge involved for this service. But the time and diesel you save by using this service will still mean you’re quids in anyway!

Based in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, Kolorseal are ideally placed centrally in the UK and stand ready to make the business of selling coloured windows and doors that little bit easier!

Think colours are a passing phase? You’re very wrong. Think they’re here to stay and become massive? You’re right. If you’re wanting to tap into this profitable new and powerful market, you’re going to need a quality business to do so, that’s where Kolorseal can help with that.

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Web: www.kolorseal.co.uk

Email: sales@kolorseal.co.uk

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