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As we hurtle towards another New Year celebration, 2021 has once again proved a very stressful year for many, with work, Covid and Brexit all taking their toll.

In a recent 2021 Mental health poll, researchers concluded one in three people (29%) had taken time off work for mental health reasons. Interestingly, the survey showed fidgeting may provide more relief for men in high-pressure situations.

For Deborah Hendry, Managing Director at Kolorseal Ltd, it is an issue that should be raised and monitored with solutions or support offered.

Kolorseal de-stress kit

For this reason, the ‘De-stress With Geri’ kit has been launched, for customers and installers who use Kolorseal services. A selection of Kolorseal fidget toys and stress-reducing gifts have been designed as a light-hearted way to tackle this serious issue, that for some are hard to deal with on a daily basis.

Fidget toys have gained a lot of recognition in recent years, as a release from nervous anxiety, stress and restlessness. These help those who have built-up tension inside or who experience suppressed feelings of anger or frustration.

Deborah comments, “Ongoing worry and dread is a large issue for those who suffer from stress, with some people unable to cope with emotions that may interfere with their daily work activities. This can lead to depression amongst other stress-related issues.

The idea behind Geri’s fidget toys is that they not only help to alleviate stress but can also improve concentration.”

It has been stated that fidgeting can stimulate and help to engage areas in the brain associated with attention. Repeating movements can help to quickly relieve stress as the objects are tactile and can be easily carried around in pockets.

The ‘De-stress With Geri’ Kit offers a fidget or squeezing object that may help improve hand-eye coordination, concentration and can help to reduce anxiety.

Deborah concludes, “We really hope that this will be a useful, albeit light-hearted method to help those who may need to reduce their stress levels.”

To claim a ‘De-stress With Geri’ Kit, customers or installers can send in a recent photo of products fully built up in the factory ready to despatch; or shots of windows or doors in situ, that have been ‘Kolorsealed’.

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