Here’s a story that’s been doing the rounds on the internet over the past week or so, the amazing new glass walkway unveiled at Tower Bridge in London. The 42 metre high walkway is a brilliant demonstration of the versatility and strength of glass as a material.

Head for heights

I always like seeing these installed in famous places. I think they give a different perspective on an already famous landmark. This particular walkway allows you to see straight down to the road and the river next to it. At 42 metres high it’s not the highest glass walkway in the world, but it certainly allows people to view one of London’s most famous attractions from a slightly different perspective. Great if you have a head for heights, rubbish if you don’t!

The company that installed this nifty piece of glass work is Glassolutions, part of the Saint-Gobain family. Here are some noteworthy stats about the project according to their website:

  • Project cost £250,000 to design and manufacture
  • There are two walkways, both 11.5m long
  • Glass used is triple glazed, 69mm thick units – capable of holding six elephants according to Glassolutions
  • The glass is one-way glass, meaning people can only see down from the walkway and not up from the road

Click here to view a full gallery of images of the walkways on the Glassolutions website

Well done to Glassolutions on a great piece of glass work that I’m sure is going to be enjoyed wholeheartedly or nervously by the 600,000 yearly visitors.