Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that the sale and installation of your bi-fold doors should stop! Far from being a quiet period of the year, the market can often see a spike in bi-fold sales during the run-up to Christmas. Making the most of this period in terms of sales is just a matter of thinking outside of the box.

1.    Emphasis the increased natural light benefits of a bi-fold

There’s always a rush for bi-folds before Christmas. As winter begins and the days get darker, many homeowners are looking for ways to maximise light around their homes. It makes excellent business sense then to emphasis the great natural light transmission afforded by bi-folds! Thanks to their large glazed panes, bi-folds allow large amounts of natural light into a room, taking the gloom out of the winter months.

2.    Use energy efficiency to your advantage

As energy prices continue to rise, many homeowners are starting to look for new ways to reduce their energy consumption around the home without compromising on heat and comfort. Energy efficient products do just that. By promoting the excellent thermal retention benefits of your products, and emphasising their energy efficiency, you can tap into this lucrative market in the coldest season of the year.

3.    Promote interior bi-folds!

Understandably, homeowners can be slightly frosty when it comes to the suggestion of knocking a hole in their home to install bi-folds during the cold winter months. So, instead of promoting the installation of outdoor facing bi-folds, why not promote the installation of interior bi-folds? Ultra-functional, energy efficient and with great aesthetics, interior bi-folds are perfect when it comes to defining spaces around a home.

4.    Target the commercial market

If you’re finding that homeowners around your region aren’t very receptive to installing bi-folds in the winter months, why not target a different market? The commercial sector is currently in the midst of a small boom where demand for bi-folds is soaring. The winter months are also a time when many businesses undergo a revamp and refit their premises for the New Year. Why not take advantage of this often overlooked market by targeting it with your bi-folds? For more information take a look at the TWR Bifolds website commercial bi-fold doors page.

5.    Utilise technology

The cold, long nights of the winter months mean that many people spend more time in their homes, browsing the internet. This presents a great opportunity for you to harness online technology to promote your bi-folds. Harnessing technology can involve everything from building an impressive, interactive website, to developing an app that lets web user build their perfect bi-fold. It could even be something as simple as developing your presence on social media. Coming up with a truly unique online feature that helps your business to stand out is a great way to boost sales.

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