The other day I published “6 Things Our Industry Is Doing Wrong“, a post which listed six main points that I felt the industry is failing in. However, as I was reminded earlier on today on social media, there are things which our industry is doing very well too. So, consider this the balancing post, showing off what our industry is best at.

1. Excellent industry websites

In my previous post, I wrote about some very poor industry websites, not being mobile ready, not being responsive and not having the right information and images on there. However, there is a portion of our industry who really are tuned into the advantages of the internet and using their websites as part of a wider, powerful sales tool. An obvious example that springs to mind is The Window Company, based in Sale, Manchester.

The Window Company

Their website has been recently redesigned by a company called Double D Creative, using a heavily edited Avada WordPress theme. The site looks great on a laptop and desktop screen, but it’s also mobile and tablet responsive –  a key factor as more and more of the industry’s customers are finding us via their tablets and phones. They did a cracking job on this one, and I know from speaking to the client that they are happy about it too. The industry needs more websites like this. Thanks to The Window Company for letting me use them as an example!

2. Research and development

Over the last few years the industry has really got to grips with design and intelligent design. Syscos and manufacturers are really pumping serious amounts of money, people and man hours into developing new products to help the industry move forwards. One of the most recent examples of this was Warmcore, a new bi-folding door product announced by Synseal.

Is this one of the most creative periods our industry has ever had? Possibly. But one thing for sure is that there are some really great products coming through now thanks to the R&D departments at some of the industry’s biggest companies. This is also great for competition as when one company announces a new product, the race is on to better it by their competition.

3. Creativity

I think we’re getting more creative as an industry. You only have to look at some of the door installations being posted on Twitter and Pinterest to see how funky and different some of our installations are getting. This is of course thanks to new products and improved technologies. Since I arrived in this industry I have seen a definite progression in the creativity of our installations.

The National Fenestration Awards Cool Wall is another perfect way to look at some of the stunning work that the industry has carried out this year. Now that homeowners are getting to grips with colours and a wider array of product options, I expect window and door installations to look even more impressive.

4. Real craftsmen

We have our fair share of cowboy fitters in this industry, it’s what has helped create a somewhat negative perception of our industry. But our industry also has it’s fair share of absolute professionals who take their craft very seriously, doing some amazing work.

Our industry is often tainted by the poor work bad fitters carry out in our industry. And just like bad reviews, poor work spreads quickly. But our industry does have some real grafters who fit their windows and doors to an incredibly high standard. You only have to look at some of the work posted on social media to see how well some of our windows and doors are fitted. I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit as an industry when it comes to appreciating the hard work our tradesmen and women do on a daily basis, in all weathers.

5. Social media

One thing I am very much a believer in is social media, and it’s an area where I think out industry does very well in. Admittedly, I really only use Twitter. I’m not a fan of Facebook and I know I should be having a proper stab at other platforms like Google+ and Pinterest. But there industry individuals and companies doing some fantastic work on social media right now, across all major platforms.

Social media now plays a key part in business marketing strategies and certain platforms, like Twitter, can prove fruitful for some on a business-to-business level. You only need to look at some of the most high profile industry Twitter users to get an idea of how big the UK fenestration community is on there. It may now stretch into the tens of thousands. Fantastic engagement from an industry that can sometimes be very slow to adopt new things.

If you have any suggestions that you think should be added to this list, please leave them via the comments section below.