Well April seemed to zip by didn’t it? The month that can springboard us into either an early summer or an extended winter – we got both! But despite the weather, I did get the feeling that the energy did come flowing back into the industry somewhat. This is a look back at April both in the industry and on DGB, and a look at what May might throw up.

Sales and leads back where they should be

On a personal note at our installation company, sales and leads were back exactly where they should be. Sitting around the target levels we predicted, and leads coming in on a steady basis, there were clear signs that perhaps things were finally stepping up a proper gear. We also noticed that the quality of leads were good too. Whether that was something we were doing right, or just the general pattern of more serious buyers was increasing, who knows, we’re not complaining!

On an industry front, the same energy appeared to be coming back after a rather anaemic first quarter. Looking at the comments coming out of installers and fabricators, business seemed to match the mood of the early taste of summer we had at the start and middle of the month. Of course this is the time of year where you would normally expect things to be picking up. But after wobbly first quarter, I’m not sure we really knew what was around the corner.

Two huge stories

It’s a rare day in this industry when you get two absolutely enormous stories breaking on the same day. But on Friday 10th April, that’s exactly what happened. First of all we had the news that was initially nestled on page 86 of that month’s Glass Times that Europe could be about to scrap our own WER’s scheme. Obviously big implications for the whole UK market. And then the second exciting story which was brewing the evening before was the confirmation that Residence 9 and Window Widgets had been taken over by DW3 Products Group, owners of Solidor.

It certainly was a busy news day that day!


Still on tha epic Friday, I suspected that it could be a recording breaking day for this site. Days like that, when you get two massive stories which affect much, if not all of the industry, rarely happen. So I kept an eye on the stats and soon enough, by early evening that Friday I had broken through previous my visits and unique visits records. Overall it helped towards a very strong April indeed on this site, with April 2015

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