To some of you it might have gone unnoticed, but there is a new product range lurking in the background that looks like it’s not far away from going live. According to reports online and in certain parts of the trade press, the new product range is going to be called Raum.

Company unknown

Other than the name Raum, there appears very little for us to go at. Apparently Raum is going to be made by a very well known industry company, although I’ve not seen any hints as to who this company might actually be.

But we could take a stab at who it might be. Raum is a German word and can be translated as “room”, “space” or “area”. So it could be deduced that this new range of products is going to focus on larger glazed areas, perhaps with a slimmer frame, maximising the glazed area of the product. And as it’s a German word, it immediately puts the German syscos in the spotlight, which includes Rehau, VEKA and Kommerling. Although I’d say VEKA is less likely as they have recent brought out their Imagine range.

Looking at the branding and the colour scheme used (take a look at the featured image) it could be an aluminium system, but that is just a very sketchy guess.

Installer focus

There are some hints from the Raum Twitter account as to what focus the new products will take:

[xyz-ihs snippet=”raum1″]

[xyz-ihs snippet=”raum2″]

[xyz-ihs snippet=”raum3″]

So, mentions of fabricators and installers would hint towards a brand new profile. The claims of the product being smart and sophisticated demonstrates that the product is going to be aimed at the high end of the market. They also claim that this product will offer installers something different. Given the amount of choice out there, this could be a difficult claim to live up to. But we shall see in time.

For the time being, we don’t have much else to go on. I have registered on the site so as soon as the launch goes live we’ll all have some more information to go on. Or, if the people responsible for Raum are reading, I am more than happy to feature their PR and give them a free dose of DGB reviews and analysis as an online exclusive ;-)

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