The subject of Europe and the European Union is going to be in the headlines for the foreseeable future, culminating in a referendum on our EU membership in roughly two years time. During that period we’re going to hear a lot of arguments both for and against it. So it’s poll time!

For or against?

Setting my stall out early here, when it comes to the referendum I’ll be voting to leave. There are many reasons. Firstly, their meddling in our own affairs and law making directly affects the UK, including our own industry. It’s the EU that is actively looking to scrap WERs and force us to use their own version. They were the ones who enforced the waste of time and money that was CE Marking.

Also, I don’t buy the arguments that if we left the EU our export market will suffer. For a start there is a separate trade agreement to the EU, we don’t have to leave that. Plus, countries in reality simply wouldn’t stop buying things we make just because we left the EU. They wouldn’t be that short sighted.

I’m also not a fan of the billions of pounds we have to pay each year to be part of it. That’s a lot of money we could be spending on much needed issues right here at home. I simply cannot see the benefits the EU brings to the UK for all the money we spend on it. I could go on as there are a ton of other things I don’t like about it, but you see my point by now I’m sure.

What the industry thinks

It would be great to know what the thoughts of the industry are on this issue. There are those that warn that thousands upon thousands of jobs could be lost if the UK were to leave. For some of our industry’s biggest companies who operate both inside and outside the UK, EU membership will be a big deal.

Using the poll below, tell the industry whether you would want the UK to stay in the EU, leave the EU, or if you’re not sure yet and need to find out more information. I know which way I would vote so I’ll be starting it off. Also, if you have any comments on this issue, please leave them in the section below. This is going to be one of the country’s biggest issues in the years to come, and a vote to leave could have an impact on the UK when it comes to Scottish independence.

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