If you are thinking of getting into the glazing industry, or know someone who is looking for a new career, this post should give you or them a few reasons why it’s a great industry to get into.

1. Wages

Installers, surveyors, sales people actually make a decent amount. Despite these sorts of positions within the industry having a bit of a clunky, less than fashionable appearance, if you do well these sorts of positions can command a decent salary. Certainly above the UK average wage.

Those sales people on a basic plus commission percentage, well the sky is the limit if you’re good at what you do. And if the sales people do well, the whole business does well.

2. Amazing homes

Speaking from ten years experience in this profession, I can vouch that doing this sort of vocation allows you to work in some of the UK’s most amazing homes.

Only recently I have been able to sell my wares into two of the nicest homes I have seen in my ten years doing my job. It was a pleasure not only for myself to work there, but also for everyone else involved, including surveyors, installers and the boss!

There is a sense of pride knowing that the work you do, the products you sell, survey and install, get to go into these amazing homes, and you as a person and business get to show that off.

3. Promotional opportunities

Every industry likes to think that it can give everyone the opportunity of promotion. The chance for everyone to step up the ladder one rung at a time. Well, this is particularly true of ours right now.

At this moment in time our industry in in the grips of a youth and skills shortage, very much like the rest of the construction sector. Whilst for the industry it is crippling, for the person thinking of getting into fenestration, this could not be a better time.

Right now there are gaps at every level in all areas of the window and door market. That means more spaces for people to move up the ladder much more quickly. So no sticking around doing the same thing for years on end, these gaps provide an excellent opportunity to move up within companies far quicker than in previous generations.

4. Product development

Right now is probably the most technically advanced and innovative time our industry has seen for decades. If you’re looking to get into an industry where you can be part of a team designing, creating and producing new products, this is an industry to be part of right now.

Since the economic recovery, and thanks to some rather hefty takeovers and mergers, R&D departments throughout the sector have got some serious cash to spend on developing new and innovative products. This is an ideal part of the industry to be in if you’re the creative type, with a mind that never switches off and who wants to influence the industry around them.

Product development is only going to become more advanced and competitive in the years to come.

5. Influential industry

Leading on from point four, point five is all about influence. Despite the industry’s reputation, ours holds an influence often ignored and under appreciated.

Look all around you. Whether it’s a home, a skyscraper or a commercial building, all have windows, all have doors. All buildings could not be without the very things we all make and sell, both in the residential and commercial markets. This is something worth remembering.

There are many more reasons to be part of this great sectors, these five above are just some of my own. Please use the comments section to add to it and let everyone else know your thoughts.

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