Now here’s an opinion that some might not agree with, but for me, I believe that at least in part, the reason why solid roofs have become so popular in recent years is that there simply hasn’t been a good enough alternative. When it comes to conservatories, the solid roof has been the only product in recent years that has been able to rectify the problem of hot/cold extremes.

Solid roofs here to stay?

I have nothing against solid conservatory roofs at all. I think they look awesome on conservatories and really transform how they look, and definitely how they perform for the home owner. But compares to glass roofs, they are a lot more costly.

It’s not just the roof that costs more, but the extra trades involved to complete the job, such as plastering, electrics, roof lights etc. There is a lot more work that goes into a solid roof conversion job than other roof products. Up to now though, it’s been the only option that can truly block out glare from the sun, overheating, freezing cold temperatures and making it look something other than a glass box plonked on the back of a house.

So, are solid conservatory roofs here to stay? Those who make them will say yes, they’re here, and will make up the mass majority of conservatory roof sales in the next ten years. But I would disagree.

A glass option that is good enough

Lets face facts, in this country we like the idea of extensions having lots of glass. Always have, always will. It’s one of the reasons why conservatories have been so popular in the UK for decades. Glass roofs have also grown in popularity thanks to their self-cleaning properties, the views they allow home owners and the light they let in. Up to now though, glare and overheating have been their downfall, and has allowed the solid roof to establish itself.

But there are now products out there which are changing the way in which glass performs and influences a glazed extension overall. Products such as Sage Glass for example.

Find out more about Sage Glass

This product is making it’s way to the UK market via America and is set to change the way we look at conservatory glass roofs. If you watched the video, you will notice how this product goes from completely clear to (if you want it to) almost black out, whilst maintaining an outside view. The products cuts out visible light transmission and reduces solar heat gain massively. So, a glass roof that properly controls heat and cuts out glare. Things solid conservatory roofs do. Not only that, this product does this when YOU want it to. You can control when it dims and how much it dims. You cannot do this with a solid roof. It’s permanent. You don’t have a view up top, you can’t decide how much light to let through and it’s not self-cleaning. And it makes the room next door darker too.

Now Sage Glass is the trail blazer in the this area, but my guess is that it won’t be that long until we start seeing similar technologies from other companies. And once we do, we’re going to see a real assault on the solid roof market from glass roofs. As I said at the start, I believe that the reason why solid roofs have become so popular because there hasn’t been a good enough alternative. Well now we do, and as word spreads, glass roofs will fall back in favour and solid roof growth will start to slow. The UK has always been in love with glass in it’s conservatories. Now there is a glass roof product good enough to do the job of a solid roof, we may start to see the market turn back sharply around.

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