When it comes to colour, quite often new windows and doors contrast. Most homeowners still go for white windows, or another popular finish, with the doors being completely different. And that’s nice. It can have a real impact and make the home stand out when it didn’t before. But this latest case study, with images taken by Kolorseal, demonstrate the powerful effect colour can have when it’s all the same.

The contrast of the heritage green colour on the roofline and window and door products against the render on the property creates a really stylish contrast. White windows and doors would have looked OK, but the colour gives the products and the house overall a character that it otherwise may not have had.

And this is where the industry is going to go in the future. As home owners understand their options better, white will become less and less the default colour of choice, with many choosing to go for a particular shade of something to suit their house. It is this demand that companies like Kolorseal will be able to assist when customers ask for their windows to be a striking new colour.

Kolorseal’s pick up and drop off service makes the job of colouring your windows and doors that bit easier. Rather than dedicating time to drop them off and pick them up yourself, you can use that time to put towards other practical things – like selling more coloured windows and doors!

It’s worth noting that all roofline products have been sprayed on this installation too. Kolorseal are a very well stocked Eurocell trade counter and can spray absolutely anything they have in stock. A handy service meaning you don’t have to look elsewhere to source rainwater solutions.

Full installation gallery

One thing is for sure, the demand for colour on windows and doors from the general public is going to rise and continue to rise for the foreseeable future. So if you’re looking to break into a new area of the market and increase revenues, Kolorseal might be able to help you do that.


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