I love a good Google Trends search. It really does reveal the popularity and performance of all things being searched and talked about online. I often do them for products and search terms in our industry, and this one is another! Specifically, search comparisons between composite windows and triple glazing.

Strong lead

I think that of composite windows and triple glazing, it is triple glazing that has had the most attention from the industry and the industry’s media, so when I plugged the two search terms in, the results were not as I expected:

Key – Blue: Composite windows | Red: triple glazed windows

Of course, as with all searches of this type, a pinch of salt has to be taken when looking at these sorts of graphs, but it does show a clear gap between the two terms, with composite windows coming out on top.

The two were generally quite close in recent years, but as the graph nears 2015, the gap widens quite a bit. But take a look at what happens when you ask Google to forecast what will happen over the coming months…

Key – Blue: Composite windows | Red: triple glazed windows

That gap just keeps getting bigger.

No threat for triple glazing

Whilst these graphs might appear to be a bit on the negative side for triple glazing, in reality it isn’t. Many composite windows systems can take triple glazing, so it’s not as if these graphs show composite windows are going to take away any of it’s market share.

In fact what these graphs do is actually reinforce how the two are connected, and the growing strength of composite windows as a product.

For me, these charts show that composite windows are now starting to become established as a product. They still have a way to go when it comes to catching up with other newer products, such as bi-folding doors and composite doors.

Key – Blue: composite windows | Red: bifold doors | Yellow: composite doors

But still, it’s on the rise, and this can only be a good thing, especially for those making composite windows and those selling composite windows!

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