Window and door industry data specialists Insight Data have recently announced a brand new website, and it looks the nuts! Time to give it the good old DGB treatment.

Responsive, clean, slick

Any modern website, no matter what industry it lies in, has to be the three things mentioned above: responsive, clean and slick.

Google recently changed it’s algorithms to promote websites that are mobile friendly higher up on their search results. It is important that any good website operates well on devices of all types. That means, desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. And the new Insight Data website looks great on all of them.

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The colour scheme used on the site is great. Lots of blues and greys, the ideal colours not only for our industry, but those colours have been proven to show that sites that use these colours are seen as authoritative and trustworthy.

I particularly like the About page on the new website. It’s packed full of engaging graphics and features about the company, and a really funky self-hosted video banner at the top of the page. All features I like in a modern website and all features that look great on responsive devices.

Nifty features

There are a few nifty little features on the new Insight Data website that I am a fan of. Firstly, the Glazing Industry Explained page – that I might need to ask them about for use on DGB Consumer ;-)

I’m all for information that helps educate the public about our industry, and this page does it well. Their Resource Centre has good features on infographics, market reports and general news. All staples to a well rounded industry website.

The site also has areas which you would fully expect a company like Insight Data to have. It has a well stocked Data area which looks great on the page too. Salestracker looks even better on the page, with plenty of info to explain why the product is a good idea. There is also a strong Marketing suite on the new site which explains thoroughly all the services on offer and the benefits they bring to your company.

All in all this is a very well designed, well thought out website, created to operate and function perfectly in an age where responsive design and creative content is absolute king. The only thing I would change? That very serious looking chap about two thirds of the way down on the home page on the left hand side ;-)

Other than that, job well done by Insight Data!

Check out the new Insight Data website

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