On Tuesday afternoon I was sent an email by a home owner who has a problem to do with a glazing bead. Below is the email I was sent:

Just read your piece on external glazing bead and how its a security risk. I definitely agree as someone tried to gain access to my conservatory this week and removed the external bead from the lower window breaking it completely in the process.

Luckily they didn’t get all the way in but now my window is a total security red light. I have been looking on the web for hours but can’t find anywhere to get replacement external bead? I know I should probably replace the door itself but just can’t afford it.

I was wondering if you may know where may supply the bead? I have photos of the profile but just can’t get a start. Even if you could tell me which companies still do external bead? (It is an old conservatory though :( ) I can’t think of what else to do to make it look more secure?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Help required

I replied to the sender of the email and said that although my own knowledge on this particular product is limited, the industry readers of this site may be able to help out, and that I would post this email, as well as the images below, to see if you very kind people could help out a home owner in need!

Here are the images sent to me:

What is required is simple: what type of external bead is this? Is it still made, and if so, where can it be sourced?

The home owner gave me permission to write this post and I have informed them that once the post is live, I shall send them the link. If any of you lovely people have any help to give this home owner, please leave it in the comments section below. The home owner will be keeping an eye on this post and the comments area for any advice and help left by commenters.

Come on industry, this is an ideal opportunity to show a home owner that our industry, often slated as sleazy and corrupt, is actually helpful and accommodating! Get your comments in via the comment area below!

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