I’m very happy to announce that Solidor, the UK’s leading solid timber core composite door manufacturer, is the latest to join the DGB fold!

Leading the way

Thanks to their focus on quality, innovation and design, Solidor has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most successful and revered composite door manufacturers in the UK.

Features like their unique solid hardwood timber cores, a wide range of styles complemented with contemporary and traditional hardware, have set Solidor apart from the rest, giving installers and home owners the broadest range to choose from.

As far as Solidor is concerned, quality, style, innovation and customer satisfaction are the key pillars of their business. This is why installers and home owners insist on Solidor as their number one choice of composite door.

Online prowess

It’s not just the physical stuff Solidor do well. Their online cloud services, which include the ability to order and price doors has won applause from much of the industry. Their newly revamped app does a great job in allowing home owners to design their own door on their phones and tablets.

They also have a growing video collection demonstrating how their doors are made, their quality and how they easily stand up against attack from potential burglars.

With the new Document Q regulations coming into force, security should be a key element of the composite door proposition. Thankfully security is a key feature of the Solidor product, with their door slabs easily surpassing the new Document Q regulations…unlike some others on the market.

Regular Solidor news and features will appear right here on DGB over the coming months and I am very much looking forward to working with a company I already know well and have a great relationship with.


Twitter: @SolidorLtd

Web: www.solidor.co.uk

Tel: 0808 163 7888