Last week saw the revival of #DoubleGlazingHour, the industry’s own dedicated “hour” devoted to conversation on Twitter about anything to do with the UK window and door industry. After a successful relaunch, it is back again tonight, and it’s something we should all play a part in.

Wide conversation

Now admittedly, I was at a Bradford City game last Tuesday watching us struggle to a 1-0 win over Blackpool, so I couldn’t keep track of all of the #DoubleGlazingHour conversations going on. However I was tagged in many of them so once I got back home I had a quick scoot on Twitter to find that there was tons of glazing industry conversation involving #DoubleGlazingHour that evening, which was great to see.

The nice thing with something like this is that everyone can get involved. Unlike a forum where you need to register, then be a member, then be logged in etc, Twitter allows you to get involved instantly and draw in others from the industry in various threads of conversation.

Now, with as many industry accounts that there are, it can be difficult at time to keep track of who is saying what. So my tip would be to set up a search within Twitter that contains: #DoubleGlazingHour. That way you can keep track of everyone who has joined in, said something, replied to someone or retweeted something someone said.

All topics welcome

Last week, there were a variety of issues discussed, and that’s exactly the way it should be. There are many things to talk about within our fascinating world that is fenestration, so if you are going to jump in at the deep end, have plenty of things to talk about!

To get you started, here are some things that could make good ice breakers:

  • 5% VAT on window and door products
  • how to get around professional non-paying customers
  • tips on making your business more efficient during this period of product expansions
  • the role the industry bodies can play in helping to clean the industry up
  • whether timber alternative PVCu is just as good as timber (one for the timber fans!)
  • the importance of social media within business
  • Christmas – I know some of you out there are looking forward to it!
  • the best way to educate the general public about external condensation
  • if the industry will crack the composite window market

Those are just some ideas, there will be plenty more besides.

It would be great to see this really take off and become an anticipated social media feature as the weeks go by. Through discussion and debate, perhaps even new ideas and new connections can be made, perhaps even new business done. I am a massive believer in the power of social media, and every day I see it being used well by those who embrace it. The more of us that join in the better this will become. You can even do it using your phone whilst sat on the loo!

Taking part is simple. For tweets you want to be included in the overall conversation, just make sure that you include #DoubleGlazingHour in your tweets.

Tweet soon!

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