Could FENSA’s role within the industry be about to change? News announced on Monday from the GGF might shed some light on that. They have created RISA – Rushworth Inspection Services & Auditing, a brand new inspections company.

The press release

RISA (Rushworth Inspection Services & Auditing) Ltd is the name of a brand new inspections subsidiary company set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF Group). RISA Ltd will initially undertake inspections and auditing work within the replacement glazing sector and it will be taking over all FENSA’s inspections from February 2016.

Nigel Rees, GGF Group Chief Executive, a RISA Ltd Director commented:  “This substantial investment by the GGF Group in this new business presents an extremely exciting opportunity.  There will be benefits to window and door installers because of better control of inspections costs in the coming years which should keep future price increases at a minimum. Installers will see no change in the FENSA inspections and processes and most will have the same inspector as currently.”

“We expect RISA Ltd will quickly become a major contributor to the whole GGF Group,” adds Rees.

RISA Ltd will be based in the GGF Group building in London SE1.

Taking over inspections

From how it’s written, it looks like RISA will be given a gradual introduction, for it to be then ramped up from February of next year. The release also says that installers will notice no change in their existing inspections set up. So, judging from the text, RISA will replace FENSA. But what about the wider implications?

If inspections are now going to be carried out by this new company called RISA, what about FENSA as an entity. Will installers be required to swap over to become a RISA registered company? Will all of FENSA’s responsibilities be turned over to RISA in the end? The release says that RISA is expected to become a major contributor to the GGF Group. It also says that price increases are expected to be kept to a minimum for installers too.

It does sound like RISA is an organisation that is set to replace FENSA. Sort of like a FENSA 2.0 in all but name. If I’ve got this wrong, I invite the GGF to set me right. But, judging from what has been said in the press release, it does sound like RISA will replace FENSA fully in time.

It may not be a bad thing. It’s worth remembering that FENSA was set up in 2002. The industry is a very different place to that of 13 years ago. The products have changed massively. So has the law and regulations. Whilst the industry has changed a lot, I feel FENSA has not. Perhaps RISA could be the organisation fit for a fenestration industry in the modern age. Time will tell on this one.

Read the press release

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