The perfect bi-fold doors are actually tri-folds, at 2144mm high with 3 glazed panels and no traffic door. They open out, of course, to save space inside, and slide fully to the left.

Manufactured using ovolo profile in matte white, the ideal bi-fold doors feature high spec glazing which enables the doors to reach an A-rating for energy efficiency. And even though nobody wants them, they do have trickle vents.

Oh, and they also have a low threshold, even though it’s not the most weatherproof solution.

How do we know this? Because we’ve done our research and created the ultimate guide to aluminium bi-folds, to help you get to know your customers better!

How much do you really know about your bi-folds?

It’s no secret that bi-fold doors are one of the most popular glazing products on the market.

Aluminium bi-folds have the ‘wow’ factor – large glass panes, slim frames, versatile configurations – they basically sell themselves. And homeowners love them because they have the ability to transform an average house into a grand designs dream with just one home improvement.

But if you’re not capitalising on bi-fold door sales, maybe you’re offering the wrong products or promoting the wrong USPs.

Just because you offer bi-folds as a part of your range doesn’t mean that customers will necessarily buy from you. There are specialist bi-fold companies out there, as well as installers, builders and home improvement contractors who can offer in-depth, technical and specific advice about bi-folds based on a customer’s preferences and property type.

Finding out what really makes your customers tick is the key to seeing your sales rocket!

We know what your customers love about bi-folds

At TWR, we like to research the latest aluminium home improvement trends, conduct polls and crunch the numbers to help installers sell more and sell better.

For this infographic guide, we collated and analysed data from enquiry submissions we received through our on-site bi-fold door configurator from the past 18 months, to discover what homeowners really want.

Visit the TWR website to see the full infographic.

Do you agree with the stats on the infographic? Have you noticed any new bi-fold door trends for 2016? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us: @TWRBifolds

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