Surely the GGF/FENSA owe their members a bit more than this – the press release was vague! I assumed, as I suppose many others did, that what it really meant, was that RISA would be taking over the work of the BBA?!

If this is the case, then how can this be allowed to happen? I feel that FENSA needs to be audited by an independent body, to maintain its credibility. Correct me if I am wrong, but surely it’s like auditing yourself to PAS24 and then asking SBD to allow you onboard because you say that you are doing things correctly….this would never be accepted, so if we are correct; then why is this ok?

My concern here, is that more and more control is going to the GGF, which also controls FENSA, GGFI, BFRC, GGF Training and now RISA. The GGF do some good work, but in my opinion, their is also a very real lack decent customer service across the board with these organisations. I don’t call often, but when I do, the call frequently goes unanswered and if you do manage to get hold of someone, they often give the impression that they don’t really want to talk to you or help you. I have raised this with them, but nothing has changed. I assume that this is because they don’t really have any competition.

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