Without question, aluminium windows have increasingly continued to rise in popularity within the last few years, especially in the hearts of UK homeowners. This trend slowly began to gain momentum in the latter half of the 20th century and has since continued to sustain within the residential property market.

Prior to these recent developments, they were perceived as only being available in silver, surrounded by high maintenance hardwood subframes and were even guilty of being susceptible to condensation. Advances in fabrication, higher energy rating capabilities and excellent thermal properties now all come together to ensure that the 21st century incarnation of aluminium windows have many advantages over their uPVC and wood counterparts. These advances have been successfully implemented by Dolphin Windows, North London’s premier window supplier.

Advantages of modern aluminium over uPVC

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a Dolphin supplied aluminium window is that it’s very light whilst still remaining high in strength. Their manufacturing process ensures that they are extremely durable, making them ideal for the modern British homeowner. If your property has the weakness of having unusually shaped openings, aluminium windows should always be considered due to their ability to be easily manipulated into the shape and/or size you need.

Aluminium windows also have the advantage of increased market share within the UK residential market, particularly in recent years thanks to the new developments of flats and modern day houses.

Put simply, uPVC profiles are often found to be too large unless specifically tailored to a specific property’s needs, thanks to the slim sight lines aluminium window frames offer uPVC windows no longer has this advantage.

When are aluminium windows ideal?

Aluminium windows can be considered a good choice when cold isn’t an important factor. The thermal conductance of aluminium is high, meaning that their frames may not always work well within cold environments.

This shouldn’t be a major contributing factor to any UK household however, the energy efficient and bill-saving qualities that Dolphin’s double glazing services provide means that this downside is easily combatted. The modern aluminium window profiles used by Dolphin also boast a multi-chamber design which further reduces the problem of aluminium letting draughts in.

For commercial buildings aluminium windows have always remained a popular choice, heavily contributing towards their rise. They remain cost-effective and a much cheaper option when compared to their wood and uPVC alternatives, this combined with their unmatched strength makes them more than appropriate for skyscraper structures often found in the commercial market.

Enhanced materials lead to better quality

Aluminium, much like uPVC and wood has been able to develop greatly since their initial popularity in the 1970’s. Opting for aluminium windows from Dolphin helps ensure that any house is well insulated, aesthetically pleasing and has the unique ability to accommodate larger panes of glass if necessary.

Perhaps most importantly, the aluminium windows dolphin provide are built to last thanks to modern material advances. They are now designed not to rust, corrode, warp or discolour even in areas which suffer from hostile weather conditions. Whereas previously aluminium windows had a life of a few years, they are now formed to remain functional and stylish for decades to come.

Home improvement specialists catering across North London

Dolphin Windows are a family run company experienced in offering home improvements throughout the North London area. With over 10 years’ experience installing aluminium windows, they work at a time convenient for you and heavily prioritise customer satisfaction.

As well as making use of the modern advancements in aluminium window technology, Dolphin can install them so they specifically meet your needs. Whether you want to opt for a different style of glazing, take advantage of dolphin’s dual coloured aluminium windows or even any additional hardware, they will ensure you are guided throughout the improvement process from inception to realisation.

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