The market place is becoming increasingly loud with the messages of quality from many companies looking to attract new customers. And that is great. The more our industry can push the quality message the better for everyone involved. But it’s becoming harder and harder for companies to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

That is where video comes into it’s own. For decades, Ecoglass has long had a reputation for quality and customer service, serving the good people and companies of the South East for over six decades. No mean feat and that sort of longevity is something to be revered. To help do that, and to demonstrate the best aspects of Ecoglass as a company, they have created a video. A very good one:

I’ve always said it’s hard to create a quality advert for our industry, be it aimed at businesses or home owners. The majority always end up looking and sounding very cheesy and end up being difficult to watch.

Happily, this is certainly not the case with this advert for Ecoglass. I am impressed with the quality of the video content. It is extremely well shot, which is something that cannot be said for a lot of the videos being produced within the industry at this current time.

The video focuses only on what makes Ecoglass the company it is. It’s dedication to product quality and quality control at every stage. It was interesting to see some of the inner workings of their factory, seeing how the staff go about their jobs in what is a technically advanced, state of the art facility.

It was nice to hear words like “forged” and “crafted” in the video. Terms usually associated with manufacturing of old, but terms that people still respect and that hold value. We live in a very modern world, but there is always rooms for products to be crafted with care by true professionals that are qualified to do what they do.

This is one of the better videos I have seen produced, and is a fantastic example of a company well and truly in the groove, doing things right and being rewarded with a long a profitable history.

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Phone :                                 01603 415400

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