Residence 9’s (R9) retail marketing campaign is generating leads for installers as more and more homeowners insist on R9 windows for their homes. R9’s ‘windows the way they’re meant to be’ are designed for British homes.

Advertising and PR in homeowner magazines, and active social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest is taking the R9 message to homeowners. Massively growing numbers of homeowners are using the R9 website to find their local R9 installer. There has been a 25% increase in searches month on month from November to January.

R9 Managing Director Dan Gill says: “Marketing your products well is a hefty investment, and cost can limit activity. And it’s even more difficult if you don’t know where to start. We want our installers to sell more R9, and we want to help them do that. So we’re investing in telling homeowners why they should think of R9 first and how R9 can transform their homes. And it’s working.”

R9’s postcode search shows homeowners the five installers nearest their home and new icons indicate the experience they offer. Homeowners can clearly see who has a showroom, who has completed over 20 R9 installations and who has installed R9 in a conservation area or listed buildings.

“The icons on the postcode search results mean that homeowners can choose the installer with the R9 experience they want, with more information than just location,” says Dan. “Homeowners often know what they want, they just need to know where they can get it. If you live in a conservation area or a listed building you’ll want an installer who has worked on that type of property.

“So the leads R9 installers get from our marketing and postcode searches are really high quality,” Dan adds. “R9’s an easy sell. Now we’re making it easier and easier for R9 installers to sell more R9.

“We’re launching The Residence Collection at the FIT Show. It will change the way the industry sells windows. We’re really excited about the opportunities for new business. We think it will change your business forever.”

Visit stand 370 at the FIT Show to experience The Residence Collection. Or to find out more about R9 visit or follow @residence9.

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