‘More new window and door products launched than at any show for a decade’. That is the prediction for next week’s FIT Show made by Paul Godwin, managing director of the event and a veteran of Glassex.

“Everyone is playing their FIT Show new product launches close to their chests, but I worked for around 12 years on Glassex and have been involved with The FIT Show since its launch, and my experience tells me that this show will be the biggest in almost every respect for at least 10 years,” said Paul.

Paul’s comments are based upon the number of companies using ‘teaser’ campaigns to promote their appearance at The FIT Show as well as the sheer volume of companies hinting at new products or services on their stands: “Whilst many companies are not revealing the exact details of what they are launching every company making an announcement has confirmed they are launching something new and significant. This includes two major exhibitors that are launching new systems, which of course involves a huge investment in resources and cash. This shows real commitment to the market.

“There are hundreds of press releases on the FIT Show website talking about new products and the industry trade magazines are all publishing record issues, all of which tells us the market is on a big high at the moment. It’s the most exciting glass and glazing industry trade show for at least 10 years. Anyone able to remember back to 2006 and even longer will agree.”

Supporting Paul’s view are the hard facts: 180 exhibitors are occupying 20% more space than at the 2014 FIT Show; exhibitors are now filling every available metre of exhibition space available at The International Centre Telford, with substantial stands and the Master Fitter Challenge occupying large areas of the Atrium entrance area of the venue for the first time.

“We have many first time exhibitors and top brands that have created their product development and launch cycles around The FIT Show,” added Paul. “It really does offer the opportunity to visit the whole supply industry in a couple of days,” he said

The Fabricator Installer Trade (FIT) Show takes place at The International Centre Telford on 12th, 13th, 14th April 2016. Visitors are encouraged to register their interest before they set out for The FIT Show by going to www.fitshow.co.uk/visit.

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