It is often said that during big sporting occasions, such as the European Football Championship, the World Cup, the Olympics etc, that sectors like ours tends to suffer. New windows and doors move temporarily down the list of priorities whilst much of the country focuses on the national team and the usual frustrations that come with supporting England.

Add to the mix the fact that in less than ten days we have our most important vote in decades in the EU Referendum, then you would assume that replacement windows and doors just aren’t that important anymore. Yet, in my experience so far, there appears to be very little effect at all.

Business as usual

At an industry level, I have been reliably informed that there are a number of high profile mergers and acquisitions that are on hold until the result of the referendum is known. If we stay, these mergers are likely to go ahead. If we leave, then who knows.

But at our installation company in Wakefield, I can say hand on heart that there hasn’t been a whiff of change in the buying habits of home owners and we’re about as busy now with lead generation, quotes and sales as we ever have been. If the vote is having an effect, we’re not seeing.

Then again, I don’t think there are many installation companies seeing it either. I keep a careful eye on social media, and keep an ear to the ground, and all I continue to read and hear is positive things. How companies are still really busy and looking forward to 2016 being a year of growth.

In recent months, the economy has slowed almost to a standstill. The Government place part of the blame on the referendum causing uncertainty and caution within business. Yet, on the ground, when we deal with our home owners on a daily basis, we just do not hear those kinds of sentiments at all. At the moment, everyone, at least around our local area, seem very happy to continue spending their money on new windows and doors, no matter what the outcome of the vote will be.

Although the Euros are still only a few days in, I am struggling to find any sign that this sporting event is taking any focus away from the real life jobs that people need doing at home. Right now it all seems very business as usual.

However, should England make the final, I’m pretty sure the phone lines will be going quiet that day. But lets keep our feet on the ground and our expectations realistic!

History in the making

Come June 24th we will know whether we have voted to stay in the EU or to leave it. Whichever way it goes, it will be a historic vote. No one has ever left the European Union. How would it work? How long would it take? If we stay, the biggest task would be to rebuild Goverment and the nation as it continues to drive itself apart of this issue.

It is these after effects which could in the end start to put a kibosh on proceedings. A leave vote will guarantee us a media frenzy for at least a week, in which time fear, hype and over-exaggeration will all get their outings, and will prove to have a negative effect on business – including the glazing sector.

What will happen after that is anyone’s guess. But for now, will the proverbial sun is shining, we should all continue to cash in on the still mostly positive business conditions. We don’t know what is round the corner.

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