Window Ware internal sales staff undergo customer service training as a matter of routine. It is one of many things the company is proud of, and offering exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything they do, across all departments.  Window Ware measure service levels every day across the business, from regular customer satisfaction feedback through online reviews, to the OTIF performance (goods delivered to our customers on time, and in full).

For one customer, the training of Internal Sales Executive Demi Whitbread surpassed all expectations and he felt compelled to write to Window Ware Managing Director Samantha Nuckey.

A month ago Graham Chance from Buckinghamshire was completely unaware of Window Ware, and came across them from a recommendation from one of their brand partners, Hoppe.  He was looking for a specific Hoppe handle, which Demi set about trying to source for him.  Graham was so impressed with Demi’s positive attitude, determination, knowledge, and staying power (which he says was first class!) that he wrote to Window Ware’s MD to tell her what a ‘rare gem’ Demi is.

Graham has many years of business experience and said: “such levels of positive and helpful customer service are quite rare and and therefore it has been my absolute pleasure to have been introduced to Window Ware though communications and meeting with Demi.  From a potential future customers point of view, I believe you have a ‘rare gem’ amongst the team”.

Window Ware’s managing director Samantha Nuckey said: “Our commitment to service excellence is at the forefront of our minds, every single day.  We have a team of 8 in our internal sales team, and each and every one of them has been fully trained to deliver our high standards of service.  Demi and the rest of our internal sales team do us proud every single day, going over and above what is expected of them.”

With feedback like this, its no wonder Window Ware are still going strong, and in 2017 they’re looking forward to celebrating 30 years in the hardware business!

For more information about Window Ware, please visit, call 01234 242724, or get involved on twitter @windowware.

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