As expected, as the days and weeks zip on by, and with the political landscape of the UK seemingly changing on a daily basis, business leaders from the UK fenestration sector are going to the market with statements and press releases explaining their position since the Brexit vote.

The latest to add their comments to the growing list is Matthew Glover, Chairman of the FIT Show. Except this one goes a bit further and drops a big hint as to the future of the exhibition.

The press release

Here is the statement that was sent via email to the industry:

Dear Colleague

As a sector, we have weathered and prospered after many periods of uncertainty. The current aftermath of the UK’s EU referendum result is no different.

Whilst the immediate aftermath of the vote to ‘Brexit’ has cast a degree of economic doubt both here and overseas, we believe it is more important than ever to knuckle down and trade through it.

FIT Show will be wholeheartedly encouraging and welcoming European visitors and exhibitors to our 2017 show at the NEC. Exhibitions are an important platform for face-to-face interaction with peers and prospects.

As we all know, during challenging times, it’s the companies that invest in marketing that increase market share.

It’s very much business as usual at FIT Show HQ and we hope it is with you too. Let’s embrace this opportunity together and showcase the fantastic innovation that we have in the UK.

With kind regards

Matthew Glover
Chairman, FIT Show


There has been a mix of statements in the past couple of weeks since the Brexit vote. Initially there was a raft of statements from companies explaining their impending price increases and laying the blame firmly on Brexit. Then there has been a flurry of press releases from others strongly towing the “business as usual” line.

This statement is no different, and will reassure companies who are exhibiting at the next show that there is no need to change their plans.

One part of the statement from Matthew though does highlight an important change in direction for the show. Near the end he mentions that the 2017 show will be encouraging European visitors and exhibitors. For me this says that the show is now looking outside the UK for growth, and will perhaps in the long term aim to become one of the bigger international glazing industry exhibitions. With the new venue the NEC in Birmingham, they have a venue that not only has the space that will be required to make that happen, they have the experience and facilities to do so.

Something to keep an eye on I think.

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