Residor sales tripled in July as installers switched to the most secure GRP composite door. Residor is PAS24:2016 certified and it has Ultion, the most secure cylinder door lock, as standard. All Residor doors are delivered in 5 days.

Residor CEO Gareth Mobley says: “Residor is the GRP composite door that gives homeowners the security they want: 85% of homeowners say security is their top priority when buying a new door. Now installers can sell it.”

The GRP skins that protect Residor’s core are 3.8mm thick, more than twice as thick as 7 out of 10 composite doors on the market.

“Some people in the industry are still referring to PAS24:2012,” adds Gareth, “but now there’s PAS24:2016, which is much more demanding. Who wants a door made to yesterday’s standard? Residor passes the new tests that most fail because of its strong construction. It’s built to be the most secure GRP composite door you can buy.

“More and more installers are switching to sell Residor because they recognise that security sells. If it’s what homeowners want, it’s what homeowners should get. We’re looking forward to more fast growth in the coming months.”

To find out what selling the most secure GRP composite door can do for your business visit, follow @Residordoors on Twitter, or call 01782 847 300.

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