Technology is a wonderful thing is it not? It has helped advance humankind in all kinds of ways at such a speed that many would not have thought possible just a decade or two ago.

But it’s one specific area of technology that has inspired this post, and that is the rise of the drone. Those nifty little flying wonders that is bringing a whole new world of film and photography to every single man, woman and child. And the glazing industry.

Drone tech

I really do like drones. I think they’re a fantastic innovation that is useful for a whole number of applications. And the fact that they’re coming down in price all the time means that it’s a technology accessible to everyone. Even Sky has bought the rights to show competitive drone racing inside stadiums. Could it be the next big sport?

But it’s from the glazing industry perspective that really interests me, and the new marketing potential. Just think of how much marketing could be improved by the use of a drone.

Take glazed extensions and conservatories as one example. Getting aerial shots was difficult, unless you just happened to have a helicopter to hand. It was either lean out of a bedroom window and try and take the best shots you can, or make do with ground level shots and film. Now, thanks to drones and the HD cameras attached to them, it is now incredibly simple to produce videos and photography of a brand new glazed extension, all controlled via a smartphone.

Have a look at some of this footage of NYC during the day and night, filmed in crisp 4K, via app and drone:

Now imagine being able to produce stunning flybys and clear overheads of a great big new glazed extension. That video can then be used for promotion on a company website, on a YouTube channel, on Facebook and on any other platform that supports video and photography. And we all know that video and imagery is the single most powerful marketing tool available.

A marketing company must

For me, a complete marketing company is one that uses drone tech as part of their overall offering to their clients. Not every project needs it. But for companies wanting to create the ultimate wow factor and quality, drone is often the best way to produce that.

The best thing is that this technology is relatively cheap. Prices start from the tens of pounds. Of course that is for the very low end, hobby options. Marketing companies will be wanting to look at models such as DJI Phantom, which starts in the mid-hundreds range and stretches into four figures the higher spec you go. But you get what you pay for, and if the fact that a marketing company has drone facilities, it may be enough to win a few more orders, in which case it has immediately paid for itself.

Drones are changing the way marketing and film is being done. You only need to watch TV to see how many expansive shots are being done by drone now. It’s made spectacular filming a lot cheaper, and for the glazing industry, it’s an easily accessible way to produce brilliant, high-end marketing imagery and video which can help communicate the message of a company to the masses effectively.

Just make sure you don’t fly your drone into any trees or planes!

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