Esteemed Manufacturer Cleartherm Reinvests In Super Spacer® Automation Technology

Sponsored news from Edgetech: One of the glazing industry’s most respected IGU manufacturers has invested in a state-of-the-art automated Super Spacer® application line. Leicester-based Cleartherm were early adopters of the technology, becoming only the third UK company to acquire an automated Forel Super Spacer® hot melt line in 2006. Now, the innovative company have [...]

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I Used ChatGPT To Ask About Fenestration And This Is What It Said

You may have heard of something called ChatGPT over the last few weeks. ChatGPT is an AI text platform that is both fascinating people and terrifying copywriters in equal measure. It is a product of OpenAI, a tech company which has attracted interest from all parts of the tech sector and beyond. People have [...]

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CNC Recycling – Going Paperless

Sponsored news from CNC Recycling: CNC Recycling is delighted to have introduced a new paperless and digital waste transfer notes software system to support operational processes. This substantial investment through bespoke development work with My Data Crate will benefit both the environment and our customers, who will now receive all their waste transfer notes [...]

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Letter To The Editor: Giovanni Laporta – Less Is More

Letter to the Editor from Giovanni Laporta: As a designer and innovator, I am aware that inspiration comes from all sorts of places, and what I want to share with you is a prime example of this. I recently got my “new-look” bank credit card through the mail and thought, “Wow, they are so [...]

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Smart Ready® Director Giovanni Laporta: Warts And All Interview – Part 2

Last week I published the first in a two-part special interview with Smart Ready® Director Giovanni Laporta. It gave us an insight into the man himself, his background, how he found his way into the fenestration sector and his own personal motivations. In part 2, we take a wider view of the industry in [...]

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Smart Ready® Director Giovanni Laporta: Warts And All Interview – Part 1

A few weeks ago I posed a series of questions to Smart Ready® founder Giovanni Laporta to get his take on himself, the industry, the past and the future. This is the first part of a two-part interview which I think gives an insight into his thought process, his opinions on the industry, as [...]

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First TOUCH Portal Ordering System Goes Live At Endurance Doors

Sponsored news from Business Micros Group: Endurance Doors has launched the UK’s first TOUCH Portal live online ordering system, in partnership with the Business Micros Group. TOUCH Portal is the first truly end-to-end online ordering system in the window and door market – seamlessly managing an order all the way from retail enquiry to [...]

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Ultion Nuki Review: Smart Door Tech That Actually Fits Into Home Life

When it comes to smart tech of any kind, it is the tech that provides a tangible benefit to daily life. Smartphones are an obvious example. Smart lighting and heating that learns your living patterns so as not to overdo it on the utility bills. When it makes a genuine difference to how people [...]

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Adoption Of Smart Window And Door Technology Should Be Far More Advanced

Last week, Alex Dutton from Brisant Secure came to see us at our place to begin our journey with Ultion Nuki. This is Brisant’s newest iteration of smart lock and one that has been designed to be even more installation-friendly, and provide more compatibility with a range of existing smart home systems. I will [...]

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Making Your Space Partners With Business Micros Group

This is a sponsored article by Business Micros: The breadth of expertise within the Business Micros Group, and its reputation as the industry’s number one software provider, meant it was always the first choice to partner with Making Your Space when the company was planning its high-profile launch into the premium garden room and [...]

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Safestyle UK Hit By Major Cyber Attack

In the same week as posting a new trading update, Safestyle UK has been hit by a major cyber attack. According to reports the attack is suspected to originate from Russia. It has left the company with a number of difficulties with a growing number of customers becoming frustrated and venting on social media [...]

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Put Your Business In Control With Onsite 7 Job Management Software

This is a sponsored article by Onsite 7: As the industry boom continues, it’s never been more important for installers to operate as efficiently as possible. Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7, says: “Job management software is an effective tool in helping installers stay in control of their businesses. We know from customer feedback [...]

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Big Boost For Business Micros TOUCH Vendor Quoting Software

This is a sponsored article by Business Micros: The Business Micros Group has added some valuable new features to its TOUCH Vendor software for installers, ahead of the upcoming launch of its accompanying TOUCH Portal software for fabricators and fully integrated TOUCH Connect option. TOUCH Vendor is a lead generation and quoting tool for [...]

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Building Customer Trust With Onsite 7

This is a sponsored article by Onsite 7: Onsite 7 has rapidly developed a reputation for being the most user-friendly and comprehensive job management system on the market today. But many installers are also reporting other benefits beyond the job management system. One of these is the professional polish it gives a business and [...]

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Value Added Features From Onsite 7 Job Management Software

This is a sponsored article by Onsite 7: Onsite 7 is the simple but incredibly powerful cloud-based system that is fast gaining a reputation for being the easiest and most comprehensive job management system on the market. But as Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7 says, there’s a lot more to it than first [...]

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ASSA ABLOY Provides Statement In Response To Trademark Decision

In response to the story published last week about ASSA ABLOY losing their trademark case, the company has provided a statement: As the global leader in access solutions, ASSA ABLOY both create and embrace new technology, none more so than in the Smart security market where the organisation has successfully sold products since 2012 [...]

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