Window Tech Trade has done very well with Residence 9 (R9), and is delighted to offer Residence 7 (R7) as a stunning new option.

The Essex based fabricator was one of the first to start making R9, the super-premium window system that’s perfect for conservation areas. Launched at the FIT Show, R7 is a 7 chamber 75mm frame depth window that is always flush internally, and can be either flush or storm on the outside.

Harry Wallis, Sales & Marketing Manager at Window Tech Trade says: “We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service, so making the Residence Collection fits well with our ethos. R9 has been great for us because it’s opened up markets we couldn’t access before. Now we can offer a smaller, more contemporary, and equally as beautiful R7 option as well.”

R9 looks exactly like timber windows and stays looking like them, but without the high initial cost or lifetime of expensive, time consuming maintenance. R9 pleases Planners in conservation areas. R7 looks great in both modern and traditional homes, and has outstanding performance to go with its appearance. R7’s price point is very different to R9’s, so appeals to a different audience. And they’re available in the new unfoiled Element Collection so there’s even more finishes to choose from.

“We have a large showroom that features a range of R9 installations. A lot of homeowners and installers come to have a look,” adds Harry. “Once they see it, they want it. That’s how we felt when we saw R7 – we had to have it!”

For more about Window Tech Trade visit, call 01708 707750, or follow @WindowTechTrade.

To find out more about how Residence Collection will change the way you sell windows, call 01452 300912, visit, or follow @Residence9.

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