Solidor customers sold a record number of quality composite doors in the first week of October, then did even better the following week, smashing the record set in November 2015. The maker of the most secure composite door is going from strength to strength as it perfects the tools that help its customers grow.

Investment in world-class manufacturing and people has improved Solidor’s service to world-class standards. Together with investment in marketing and lead generation it has helped Solidor customers sell more of its quality composite doors. Solidor generated over 1600 leads for its customers in September – another new record!

Solidor CEO Gareth Mobley says: “Homeowners want a door that keeps their home secure, but that also looks fantastic doing it. While Solidor is certainly the most secure composite door on the market, it also looks sublime.”

Available in a choice of 20 colours and a huge range of contemporary and traditional door designs, there’s a Solidor to fit every home.

“Solidor customers are loving it, and we’re doing everything we can to help them grow,” adds Gareth. “We’re now offering consistently world-class service, and our lead generation is regularly breaking records. We’re really proud of our customers, and look forward to many more record weeks in the future!”

To find out more about the most secure composite door visit, call 01782 950 941, or follow @SolidorLtd on Twitter.

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