Climatec Windows has added Residence Collection to support its company motto to provide customers with ‘more than just a window’. The Essex based company is the latest fabricator to add the next-generation systems to its portfolio.

Residence Collection is a new-concept systems company with a range of ground-breaking window systems. Designed in Britain for British homes, the systems open up big new markets for PVC-U installers who were previously limited by the look and capability of conventional PVC-U systems.

Residence 7 (R7) and Residence 9 (R9) are available from Climatec

Climatec Director Steve Barker says: “We’ve seen R9 grow in popularity in recent years, and now it’s been complemented with the launch of R7, which is a really interesting product.

“We promise to give our customers more than just a window. They rely on us to make the products they need to secure sales. Adding Residence Collection means we’re making the high quality flush sashes they need to open up new markets and grow their businesses.”

Residence Collection CEO Gareth Mobley says: “R9 is the true timber alternative. It’s the only PVC composite window planners accept in conservation areas and listed buildings, because that’s what it was designed for, and it’s brilliant in high end developments. If quality timber windows didn’t already exist they wouldn’t have got a toehold because R9 does it better. And most people assume R9 is the best timber. R7 is a great timber alternative for period and traditional properties outside of conservation areas, but its sleek design means its perfect for modern homes too.

“Fabricators like Climatec recognise the growth potential for their installer customers with Residence Collection,” adds Gareth. “It significantly expands the market for PVC-U. PVC-U can go anywhere with Residence Collection because it looks right and has been designed from scratch for British homes, and its performance is outstanding.”

For more about Climatec visit, or call 01702 613733.

To expand your markets and find out more about Residence Collection visit, call 01452 300912 or follow @Residence9 on Twitter.

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