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DW3 Products Group has launched a new IQD Quality Mark to mark its brands’ commitment to innovation, quality and design. DW3 brands Solidor, Residor, Window Widgets, and Residence Collection will display the QualityMark on their marketing communications.

IQD stands for innovation, quality, and design, the three values shared by all DW3 brands. DW3 has created its Quality Mark to underline the synergy in its brands, and to highlight their commitment to these qualities. The IQD Quality Mark looks like a hallmark that’s been used over the centuries to signify the quality and source of precious objects made from silver, gold and platinum.

DW3 Products Group specialises in premium and super-premium quality products and are designed to be the best in the market.

DW3 CEO Gareth Mobley says: “People know us for style, looks and choice, but DW3 makes the most secure composite door and the most secure GRP composite door in Solidor and Residor. It includes the transformative systems company in Residence Collection, and the most popular maker of ancillaries in the market, Window Widgets.

“Every product in the group is designed to be the best and set industry benchmarks by which others are judged. They’re designed to be innovative, and are premium or super-premium quality. They’re simply the best!

“Increasingly, fabricators and installers are partnering with more than one DW3 brand so they can offer their customers innovation, quality, and outstanding design,” adds Gareth. “When the complete suite of brands are used together on one project, the result is simply stunning. They’re transforming buildings around the country! DW3 fabricators and installers are gathering an enthusiastic and committed band of followers and advocates – from installers and homeowners to planners, private developers and architects. The Quality Mark means they can link brands in the group very easily. If it doesn’t have the Quality Mark, it isn’t DW3.”

For more about DW3 Products Group and its brands visit www.dw3group.co.uk, or follow @DW3Products on Twitter.

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