The FIT Show 2017 live page on DGB has launched, and will be one of the best places to keep up to date with all the major announcements, product news and general industry discussion if you’re not able to attend the show this year.

This year’s exhibition is being billed as the industry’s biggest, perhaps most important show in at least a decade. With over 250 exhibitors, the biggest aluminium representation in the shows history and a brand new, bigger home in Birmingham at the NEC, there should be plenty to talk about.

Here all week

I shall be setting off to the NEC early doors Tuesday morning, hoping to miss the worst of the traffic. I’m staying in a hotel 15 minutes from the venue. I will most likely be getting a taxi to the venue as it’s an outrageous £20 to pay for “express parking” at the NEC or £12 if you’ve pre-paid. Either way, that’s staggering charges for parking. It will be cheaper to get a taxi there and back.

I’ll be in attendance for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Although I may sneak off early Thursday if I have ticked off all the things I’ve needed to tick off by lunch time. I shall be posting to the DGB live feed tweets, images, product news, quotes and everything else industry in an effort to cover the FIT Show in as much detail, in real-time. Something I do not believe will be done by any other industry media outlet.

Each day I shall be reviewing the show, covering the things I have seen, reviewing the stands, the new products and all other major announcements exhibitors will be showing off to visitors. I shall be posting an official review of each day at the usual 11pm slot, or whenever I manage to get into my hotel room to write it up! I will be awarding an exhibitor as a “stand of the day” for the ones that catch my eye the most. No trophies though, it’s just for fun.


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Major review Thursday evening

Although I will be posting a daily review, going over the main points covered during the day, I will be back home and ready to pen my official major review of the whole show on Thursday evening.

There will be a lot to cover once I have digested the three days. And as always, these events always throw up plenty of content to write about for the coming weeks. Certainly a gold mine for people like me who feel the need to write something every day!

Through the three days, there are a number of things I will be wanting to see. Obviously new products are always of interest, and there are a few launches that I shall be attending. There is also the tech seen which I take particular interest in. But more than anything else, I want to see what fabricators will be doing to help installers cope with the variety of major issues affecting productivity across the supply chain. Installers are facing a number of issues right now, with quality control and customer service high on the list.

During the three days I will try to post as much regular content as possible, but as you can appreciate it’s going to be FIT Show heavy for a good week or so.

If you’re down there and would like to say hello, please reach out on Twitter and I’ll be my best to show my face. If you can’t make it, be sure to stick with the DGB live page for all the best bits of the show!

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