This is a sponsored article by Solidor

This Christmas sees the launch of Solidor’s first ever TV campaign. Designed to drive online leads as well as physical footfall to partner’s showrooms, the advertisement marks a step change in ambition within the door industry.

‘The early part of the New Year is traditionally a quieter period for our customers and we’re conscious – especially with the looming events at the end of March – for our partners to get a good start in 2019,’ Gareth Busson, head of sales and marketing explains.

‘It’s been an interesting experience developing the campaign. However, one of the aspects that came as no surprise is that as an industry we still have a real problem with consumer perception. Whenever I’ve mentioned that we are running a TV ad to someone outside of the window and door market, they’ve immediately come back with, “You buy one, you get one free!”

‘With such ingrained recall it can be easily argued that the company in question was extremely successful in getting its message across. However, low brow production values and pricing messaging will never drive the kind of profitable business that we all aspire to.’

‘That’s why our ad has been produced to make the Solidor brand even more inspirational, to sell the quality of the product, its exclusive designs, and to make the consumer ask themselves the question, “What does my front door say about me?” After all, if they are already sold on the product before they speak to our customers, then that makes our partner’s lives a whole lot easier. And more profitable!’

Consisting of close on a hundred spots, the Solidor TV campaign will run from Boxing Day to New Years Eve across Channel 4, Film 4 and other networks, including BT Sport.

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