This is a sponsored article by Brisant Secure

Brisant Secure says that 2018 was a year when people stopped using super secure as an upsell and it became a must sell, with security the number one key driver in entrance door sales. It’s also become a default setting for trusted locksmiths across the nation.

In 2018, the Ultion website enjoyed a 53% increase in the number of unique visitors, while there were ten times more followers on Facebook at the end of last year compared to the start. Even consumers are now talking about the super security products in the form of Lock Lock and Ultion, as social media feeds have shown.

While the consumer statistics have been impressive, the improved sales performance have been equal with 24% more businesses selling Brisant Secure products in 2018 than the previous year. These include composite door manufacturers, PVCu door fabricators and many respected locksmiths.

On average each of these companies sold 30% more than they did before, the clearest indication yet that super secure has now become the norm. Collectively these customers made 61% more doors Brisant Secure in 2018 and the expectations are again for significant growth in 2019, as homeowners look to make their respective properties more secure for a very modest investment.

Nick Dutton CEO of Brisant Secure commented: ‘2018 was the year that super secure has become the norm and we’ve even made a video out of these statistics. We’ve added a number of clever marketing tools for our customers, so they can

sell the benefits of super security direct to the homeowner, helping to make the sales process easy.’

For further information on Brisant Secure visit, e-mail or call 01924 410200. You can also follow them on Twitter @BrisantSecure, @LockLockSecure, @sweethardware and @UltionLock.

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