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Morley Glass is celebrating 21 years in business this year and is proud to be exceeding the expectations of the high-end market with the help of its certification partner, CENSolutions Ltd.

“Although our history stretches back to the 90’s, we couldn’t be a more different business today than we were 21 years ago,” says Ian Short, Managing Director of Morley Glass. “Back then we employed 4 people and only made straight forward IGUs. However, 17 years ago we started to change our business and now we employ 75 people and focus on the manufacture of integral blind units. To meet the expectations of this high-end market, the quality of the product and service has to be second to none, and while we have always been quality focussed, three years ago we started working with CENSolutions and now we genuinely feel we are working to a certification scheme that means something.

“With our previous certification supplier, it was almost as easy as handing over the annual fee, but CENSolutions make us work a lot harder! The pay off to us for doing the extra work though is a more efficient factory and even better products. We know that every product that goes out the door is the best that it can be. Whereas before we knew that we had more technical knowledge than our certification supplier, there is nowhere to hide with the experienced team at CENSolutions! All the consultants have worked in the industry so know the nuts and bolts of what we do – this means they know if anything is out of place, but it also means they can offer advice as to how to put things right. We now have the confidence to meticulously follow procedure according to our quality manual because we have seen the benefits this brings.

“It’s great to be celebrating our 21st birthday feeling like we’re the best that we can be and CENSolutions have played a big part in helping us achieve that.”

Rob Small, CENSolutions’ Independent Consultant adds: “Morley Glass is truly an example of a company who has got it right. They have found their niche and take their responsibility to supply quality seriously. It can be frustrating talking to companies who think product certification is simply about paying for a badge, when we see time and time again the benefits an all-encompassing approach to certification can bring to a

business. We’re thrilled to partner with companies like Morley Glass who recognise the advantages of fully committing to quality.”

Further information about CENSolutions Ltd:

Tel: 01785 716625

Further information about Morley Glass:

Tel: 0113 277 8722

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